The Northern Regional Command of the Ghana Immigration Service has intercepted two citizens from Burkina Faso who entered the country illegally.

The two male citizens, whose identities were not disclosed were arrested during a routine patrol at Bitchabe, an unapproved route in the area.

According to JoyNews correspondent, Martina Bugri, a press release signed by Public Affairs Officer, Assistant Inspector Christian Kobla Kekelizilevu noted that the Burkinabes aged, 27 and 28, who were being transported by Togolese “Okada” riders bolted into the nearest bush upon noticing the security team.

The two, after the immigration team caught up with them, according to the statement, tried to bribe the officers with an amount of CFA2million, equivalent to GH¢20,000. The police turned down the offer and apprehended the two illegal immigrants.

2 Burkinabes apprehended in Northern Region for illegally entering Ghana

They were sent to the station for further investigations, where they revealed that they commuted from Sokode in Togo and transited to Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire for a visit.

According to the police, the two are businessmen who deal in purchasing rice from Cote D’Ivoire.

Meanwhile, the Immigration Service has advised citizens living along the country’s borders to be vigilant and volunteer information on suspicious persons to help curb various cross border crimes.

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