A 33-year-old man is in the grips of Tafo police in the Ashanti region after allegedly stabbing his girlfriend when she decided to end the relationship.

Late on Sunday night, residents in Tafo Zongo responded to cries for help and found a young woman bleeding profusely outside her room.

The victim, 22-year old Deborah Asante, was rushed to the Tafo Government hospital for medical treatment.

She was covered in blood from apparent stab wounds to her neck and back.

Her assailant, Clement Ansah was her boyfriend of five months, however following a sudden change in his behaviour, she had decided to end the relationship.

Clement had picked up an alcoholism and was smoking marijuana, which would subsequently lead to him being abusive towards her.

On Sunday night, Clement came home very drunk and when Deborah asked him why he was intoxicated threatened to beat her to a pulp.

“I told him I am at liberty to decide for myself and that I no longer loved him. But he insisted no woman rejected him.”

Deborah Asante told Clement Ansah that the intoxication affects him mentally and that he should leave her room.

“When he came to my room, he was drunk. I told him I couldn’t continue the relationship if he does not stop drinking. But he warned me that if I discontinue the relationship, he would hurt me such that no man will ever find me attractive again.”

Immediately Clement tried to hit Deborah’s head against a wall, she dodged causing Clement’s hand to hit the wall painfully.

“I threatened to call for his arrest if he continues to act inappropriately in my bedroom. Then I told him to leave the room because he does not stay there or else I’ll call the police to arrest him.”

Just after Deborah had handed over a phone charger to a friend in the house, and went back to her room, Clement used a pair of scissors to stab her multiple times.

“A friend came to request for my phone charger to charge her phone. Immediately I went back to my room, he used my scissors to stab me multiple times. I rushed out of the room and fell at a short distance, but he was still pursuing me. He stabbed me again. I kept running but fell down twice. He stabbed me in the chest and hands. He was about to stab me in the neck when a man came to rescue me and further admonished him to stop misbehaving”.

Their relationship was a good one from the beginning, according to Deborah. She says he treated her with kindness.

Speaking to JoyNews Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen, she said they met in Obuasi during the Covid-19 lockdown when she visited her family but she refused his love proposal because of past experience in a previous relationship.

Deborah later had to accept because Clement had promised to look after her well.

According to a friend of Deborah, Clement was a kind and calm person till he started drinking.

Just after Clement begun drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana his calmness and cooperative spirit according to Deborah’s friend disappeared.

“I only got to know him when he came to this house. He used to participate in all the activities in the house. He was very calm when he came and wasn’t drinking then. And all of a sudden he started drinking.

Even though Clement is currently in police custody, Deborah still fears for her life following Clement swearing to kill her the moment he is set free.

“He said even if he’s sentenced to twenty years in prison he would come and kill me. He bragged to me about killing his former girlfriend in his hometown and getting away with it because his mother had bribed the police there with eighty million old Ghana cedis. He says he would do same to me.”

Until he moved to Kumasi in the Ashanti region, Clement was into galamsey operations in Obuasi.