Mr. James Adentwi Bruce, Executive Director, Access Bank (Ghana) Plc

Access Bank (Ghana) Plc, in partnership with Deutsche Investitions –Und Entwicklungsgesellschaft (DEG) and Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana (AHA), continues to offer business solutions to German Corporates in Ghana and the Sub Region.

The bank announced this at a networking reception at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra.

Speaking on behalf of the Managing Director of Access Bank (Ghana) Plc, Olumide Olatunji, the Executive Director of Access Bank (Ghana) Plc, James Adentwi Bruce noted that in the past 18 months, Access Bank has collaborated with AHK and the German Embassy, to organise events, conferences, seminars and roundtable discussions, to increase awareness about its agenda to promote business growth and trade between the two countries and subsequently the entire European enclave.

“Within the period, we have built very good relationships with German brands such as BOSCH, KNAUF, Amalitech, DHL, Siemens, Fairafric, General Electric, Medical Equipment, Liebher and Bauer and provided financial support in trade finance, asset and project management. We continue to partner with our customers to grow their businesses” he said.

Mr. Bruce noted that to ensure the stability and fruitful coordination of programmes and activities of the relationship between Access Bank and German corporates, the Bank has employed a German expatriate who will better appreciate issues from the German context to head the desk and a team of other professional to support him.

“The desk serves as the focal point for German companies seeking to do business in Ghana, as well as local companies seeking to enter business relations with German enterprises”.

This he said, ensures the stability and fruitful coordination of programmes and activities of the relationship between their  Bank and German corporates.

Mr. Antwi revealed that, in line with the Bank’s vision of becoming the world’s most respected African Bank and a leader in the provision of banking services beyond Africa, Access Bank keeps expanding its network base.

“The Bank is in the process of opening a hub in the European Union, as it continues to expand its African market, with presence in Nigeria, Gambia, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Mozambique, and Congo DRC.

“Additionally, in the past 18 months, we have expanded our African market to Botswana, South Africa and Kenya.  Presently, we operate across ten countries, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia”, he explained.

The German Ambassador to Ghana, Daniel Krull, in welcoming participants to the event, commended Access Bank for opening a German Desk.

He said, “This shows that Access Bank has German needs and interest at heart. Indeed, not only for Germans but other countries”.

He also commended the government of Ghana for its efforts in ensuring a conducive working atmosphere, as the gateway to Africa and its support to companies under the African Continental Free Trade Area. 

He thanked Access Bank for the bold initiatives to support German businesses and assured that German companies such as the DEG and AHK would offer support programmes to companies and encourage German companies to invest in Ghana and in Africa.

(DEG) a partner of the event announced the availability of funding and business advisory services, available to businesses.

In a detailed presentation at the event, Vice President of DEG, Volker Schwab shed light on AfricaConnect, a German organization that supports established EU headquartered companies to plan their engagement in Ghana.

He noted that the primary focus of AfricaConnect, was to set a Compact with Africa partner countries.

Mr Schwab also noted that DEG offers opportunities to network with local partners, by helping to turn their dreams into reality, especially in politically and economically challenging environments.

Access Bank (Ghana) Plc. remains committed to giving customers more than banking.

The Bank has over the years developed a deep understanding of customers’ needs, delivering excellent service and empowering them to achieve more through financial inclusion.

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