Leader of the NDC Caucus in Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu

Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu has assured that the Minority in Parliament will not give up the fight for the anti-LGBTQI+ bill to be passed.

Speaking on JoyNews’ Midday News, Mr Iddrisu noted that the bill has the full backing of the Minority as a group.

He stated that regardless of threats of victimisation that may come from the international community following their decision to support the bill, the Minority caucus will stand firm as representatives of the people and ensure that the moral values of Ghanaians are protected.

“We represent the electorates and we have a standard of care and a standard of duty to reflect the aspirations of the Ghanaian people,” he noted.

The LGBTQI+ debate has been a subject of controversy following the introduction of a bill aimed at criminalising the activities of the gay community.

A section of the public is pushing for the passage of the bill on grounds that the activities of the gay community are against the moral values of Ghanaians.

Others have argued against the passage of the bill, insisting that it will generate hate from the international community.

Wading into the argument, the Minority Leader has opined that it is imperative to safeguard the Ghanaian culture which frowns on the activities of the gay community, hence, the need to support the bill.

Also, he noted that it is the collective responsibility of Parliamentarians to ensure that the moral and cultural values of the people are preserved. Owing to this, he has urged all sides of the House to come on board and ensure that the passage of the bill becomes a reality.

“It is a moral imperative that the Parliament of Ghana stands together in fighting the introduction of those rights as it will erode the respectability of our societal moral fabrics, our cultural values and more importantly to encourage the courageous MPs led by Sam and his colleagues and to all those who share that value,” he added.

He further charged the Executive to engage proactively on this matter in order to protect the sacredness and sanctity of the morals and cultural values of the people.

Addressing concerns raised about threats from the international community following the decision to pass the bill, the MP assured that his outfit in Parliament will remain resolute, stand firm and ensure that the right thing is done.

“We will survive the threats, we will stand strong and firm to preserve and protect the moral values and fabric of our society. We will need to preserve our time-tested values as a people,” he said.

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