Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh, has urged parents to normalise washing their kid’s private parts when they return home from school.

According to her, many children who are sexually abused are threatened to keep quiet while others are naturally afraid to voice out when they are abused.

Hence, based on the children’s reactions, bathing them will help expose parents to what abuse their kids may or may not have suffered while at school, Tonto Dikeh noted in an Instagram post.

“This may sound vulgar but DEAR PARENTS IF YOU HAVE AN INFANT CHILD IN ANY SCHOOL IN NIGERIA, please normalize washing your kids’ private parts every time they come back home every day,” she wrote.

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The actress added that “just do this. Raped children get threatened with death and more. He or she may be too scared and not speak up, but when you regularly do this you will/may find your truth.”

Tonto Dikeh said this has become important because some caregivers and teachers in schools sexually assault kids.

“Some of these Schools are employing RAPIST, Cultist, SEX OFFENDERS AND Pedophile caregivers and teachers.”

The actress added that it is important for parents to educate their children on rape, adding that they have to know that no one has a right to their bodies.

Tonto Dikeh said that parents should be able to build a relationship with their children to make it easy for them to have these conversations.

She noted that children have to be given the confidence and room to open up to their parents about anything they are confronted with, regardless of their ages.

“I’m so sick and tired of parents living in guilt only because they feel they used their hard-earned money to destroy their child/children simply because they want to give their wards quality education,” Tonto Dikeh added.