The Chief Executive Officer of the Bulk Oil Distribution Companies (BDCs) has renewed calls for the implementation of petroleum transportation policy which will check smuggling within the West African region.

Senyo Hosi believes the policy when operational will ensure strict monitoring of petroleum products transported from Ghana to other neighbouring countries and vice versa.

Speaking to Joy Business at the ongoing Ghana International Petroleum Conference in Accra, he said the policy needs to be prioritised. 

“If countries like Mali are importing product are importing products from Ghana, we need to harmonise out transportation policy,” he said. 

Mr Hosi wants the emphasis to be on the kind of petroleum products as well as the quality benchmark of the product other countries are importing from Ghana.

“How do we track them to ensure that people don’t come here in the name of countries like Mali to pick products from here so they evade taxes?” he quizzed. 

He said BDCs wants measures in place such that when other countries that import products from Ghana collect their taxes before the products are moved out. 

“That is why the Ghana International Petroleum Conference (GhipCon) is so critical in trying to advance the course of the industry in West Africa. The transportation policy is seriously being looked at.

“Some work has been done in that regard and the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) has led it with a tracking device that does not only track location but the volume of products,” he said.

He said they are finalising on getting in on the various app stores of the mobile phone operating systems.