Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, on Wednesday, reiterated government’s commitment to building a 100-bed capacity in the Binduri District of the Upper East Region to improve the health needs of the people.

The Binduri District, which presently has a Health Centre and private health facilities, has no District hospital.

Residents depend largely on the Bawku West District Hospital at Zebilla and the Presbyterian Hospital in Bawku for major health care services.

Dr Bawumia was speaking at a durbar of Chiefs and people of Bazua on the second day of his three-day tour of the Region to galvanise for votes in the December 7, presidential and parliamentary elections.

He gave the assurance when the Chief of the Binduri Traditional Area, Naba Robert Akolbire called for the hospital project to be fast-tracked to solve referrals and ensure effective health service delivery.

Prior to the durbar, the Vice President visited the 11th  Mechanised Infantry Battalion, and presented ¢10,000 bags of rice, gallons of oil, and a bull to support the soldiers in the area, and urged them to continue to maintain the peace and security of the area.

He said the hospital project was part of the government’s plans to construct District hospitals in all Districts without hospitals across the country.

Dr Bawumia was in the company of Tangoba Abayage, the Upper East Regional Minister, Abdulai Abanga, Parliamentary Candidate for the Binduri Constituency, and Dr Nurah Gyeile, Minister of State in Charge of Agriculture at the Presidency.

The rest were; Hanan Abdul-Wahab, CEO of the National Food Buffer Stock Company; Arahat Sulemana Abdulai, CEO of the Zongo Development Fund, and some Municipal and District Chief Executives, as well as Regional and Constituency Executives.

Naba Akolbire, expressed gratitude to the Vice President for “taking time to come to the Binduri District as part of his working visit.

”The Chief highlighted some of the government’s projects in his Traditional Area including; the construction of a District Police Station, the construction of 92 boreholes, and said over 3000 Junior High School were beneficiaries of the Free Senior High School policy.

Naba Akolbire called on his subjects to co-exist peacefully in spite of their political differences, especially in the political season to attract development to the area and appealed to the government to equip the District Police Station with personnel and logistics to operate since they relied heavily on the Bawku Police Command for personnel.

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