A 19-year-old bus conductor who conspired with three others to rob a farmer, has been jailed 15 years with hard labour, by the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) Court.

Yaw Addae Boateng aka Obama, pleaded not guilty to the charge but was convicted by the Court presided over by Abdul Razak Musah, after the trial.

His two accomplices, Akwasi Acheampong and Patrick Apre Bisah, are already serving 12-year jail terms each on the same offence, while the third accomplice, whose name was not given, is on the run.

Police Chief Inspector Michael Koole, prosecuting, told the Court that on October 01, 2019, Moses Alobire, the complainant, a farmer living in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region, came on a visit to Kumasi and was lodging at Ashanti Paradise Hotel at Ridge in Kumasi, with his girlfriend.

He said at about 10:30pm, the complainant together with the girl friend, were returning to the hotel after buying some water at a store near the Ridge police station.

The convict and his accomplices suddenly emerged from a nearby flower garden and accosted the complainant and his girlfriend.

The prosecution said the convict who was wielding a cutlass, inflicted several wounds on the left palm of the complainant and blood started oozing.

Chief Inspector Koole said they held the complainant and forcefully collected his Sony Z3 Mobile Phone valued at ¢1,900 and a wallet containing cash of ¢1,988.

He said the convict was arrested by some witnesses who heard the screaming of the complainant a few distance from the crime scene, while one of his accomplices, Patrick Apre Bisah, was also arrested later from his hide out.

Chief Inspector Koole said the complainant sought treatment at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital and his medical report was returned duly endorsed by a Medical Officer.

The other accomplice, Akwasi Acheampong was also arrested on December 12, 2019 by the Asokwa Police Station, where he was held for causing harm in a different case.

The police after investigations charged and brought them before the court.

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