GES Head Public Relations, Cassandra Twum Ampofo

The PRO of Ghana Education Service (GES) has said that the postponement of the re-opening date for finalists in the Senior High School (SHS) won’t affect the instructional period of students in any way.

Cassandra Twum Ampofo in an interview on JoyNews’ The Pulse assured all parents and students that with the new scheduled date, May 5, “none, not a single thing will be lost.“

She added, “as a matter of fact we are supposed to have 1080 hours before the final examination”.

“So it means that within the period that student would have prepared like May 28 to June 29, they would not have any break they would continue and then the practical session for the final exam that would begin in August and then September the actual work will have to begin till they complete in October,“ she said.

According to her, GES has had a meeting with CHASS to discuss the reopening date and concluded that the decision they arrived at would not affect the final year students but rather help reduce congestion in schools.

“Just as I indicated in the press release, we had an online meeting with CHASS and looking at the situation we realised that when we allow them to spend their vacation now and then later they have an uninterrupted class till they write their WASSCE.

She said ultimately the decision is in order to prevent overcrowding on campus.

“It was better that we gave these students who are going to write their WASSCE that ample time so that they would not have any break. So as I indicated, they were supposed to be in school today and then vacate on May 28 and so they have vacation from June 28 and 29 so that month period is what we have shifted forward so that during that time there wouldn’t be any break but they would have a full session till they write their WASSCE that begin in September,” she explained.

She further apologised to parents and students to bear with them for the delay in communique from GES.

“Let me first of all express our sincere apologies to everyone, I must say that the situation is not pleasant because we have parents who have already dispatch their children, I mean some were even on their way  to schools when this communication came.

“We acknowledge that indeed it came late because parents have prepared already to take their wards to school, some were even there. As I speak to you, we we’re told some are even on campus that would be given a place to sleep and then leave,” she pleaded.