A clinical psychologist has admonished parents to learn to communicate words of affirmation and encouragement to their children when they achieve a desirable action. 

Nortey Dua believes words of affirmation such as ‘well done’ and ‘thank you’ from parents, play pivotal roles in the development of a child.

“They are that stage where it matters,” he told Edem Knight-Tay, host of Joy FM’s Home Affairs Show on Saturday.

He encouraged parents to do away with the notions that their kids are too difficult and, therefore, deserving of no affirmations. 

According to him, this only portends an atmosphere of apprehension and fear in the home because, “they (children) only get attention from parents when they are in trouble”.

He also highlighted the potency of humour and laughter in the home as a way to bond both parents and children.

“It is part of the glue that holds family”, he said.

Nortey also encouraged fathers especially to erase the notion that, being humorous and approachable emasculates them.

Home Affairs this weekend discussed in depth the world of teenagers and what factors impact their ever evolving personalities and identities.