Member of the National Covid-19 Case Management Team, Dr Peter Puplampu says health workers in the country have not rested since the country recorded its first case of the novel coronavirus.

Speaking on JoyNews’ The Probe Sunday, the Senior Lecturer noted that the virus has caused extreme fatigue on the health system and its workers.

This, according to him, gives room for mistakes to occur for more health workers to contract the disease.

“I keep telling most people that as soon as this episode [pandemic] is over, probably I may have to just go for a sabbatical leave, because since the first case landed, I have not rested a day and that goes for every health worker [in Ghana].

“So there is fatigue in the system because when you are working in such a highly infectious area, and you are tired because you are always on and on, the chances are that you will let down your guard and contract the disease is high,” he stated.

Dr Puplampu further called for more support for health workers.

According to him, fatigue is gradually setting into the lives of health workers, as such, they need to be regularly encouraged to help the country fight the deadly disease.

The Health Ministry confirmed the first two cases of Covid-19 on March 12, 2020.

Since then, measures have being put implemented by government to ensure that the disease is effectively controlled.

Currently, Ghana has recorded 75,836 cases with 67,087 recoveries and 533 deaths.

On his part, the Public Relations Officer of Ghana Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists (GAMLS), Dr Dennis Adu-Gyasi said there is pressure on the facilities that are handling larger contact tracing and sub screening testing.

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