The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Kadjebi, Wilson Agbanyo, has warned that the law will descend heavily on people aiding foreigners to acquire a Ghana card in the district.

He said the cards were for Ghanaians only and therefore a criminal act to aid foreigners to get onto the National Identification Authority (NIA) database.

Mr Agbanyo said information reaching his office indicated that foreigners, especially Togolese with support of some recalcitrant residents of the District thronged the NIA District Office daily to register for Ghana card.

He warned those unpatriotic citizens who were vouching for these foreigners to cease or else the long arm of the law will deal with them.

Mr Agbanyo gave this warning at the third session of the Kadjebi District Assembly at Kadjebi in the Oti Region.

The DCE said at one of such instances, a potential registrant, who was picked up by the security agencies and interrogated, confessed to being a Togolese and was repatriated.

He cautioned the perpetrators and the conspirators to stop the act since false vouching attracts 250 penalty units or 2 years imprisonment or both when found guilty.

The DCE appealed to the people and Assembly members to be vigilant and support the exercise.

The Kadjebi District Office of the NIA has as of December 16, 2021, registered and enrolled 227 applicants.

It also had 204 applicants vouched, 196 cards printed, 203 cards issued while 4 cards have been rejected due to affix (RDA).

Old cards in custody before the start of the Office operation were 1,724 with additional 37 new cards from NIA Headquarters as of November 11, 2021, totaling 1,761.

The directorate has four staff; one District Registration Officer, one Assistant Administrative Officer, one Assistant Registration Officer, and one Assistant Technical Enrollment Officer.

Incessant network failure, lack of office space, and lack of accommodation for staff are some of the challenges confronting the Office.

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