Law Lecturer at the GIMPA Law Faculty has urged the Electoral Commission and authorities in charge of the December 2020 elections not to limit electoral coverage accreditation to only established media houses.

This according to Justice Srem Sai is because every event that happens on the election ground, apart from activities within the voting booth, are public, therefore, every journalist is entitled to cover.

“Someone who is a blogger is also a journalist and ought to be given the same right,” he said.

Mr Srem Sai was speaking on JoyNews’ “The Law,” where he noted that, accreditation is needed in every election to promote order.

He argues that, it requires the efforts of journalists to bring to the public events from the election ground since ordinary persons are not entitled to go beyond certain perimeters set by the EC.

Therefore, accreditation should not be used as a means to limit people from having access to information and coverage.

“When you look at some [channels] that operate online, Kofi Tv for instance, they really have a large following. So such channels should not be denied accreditation,” he said.

“It has nothing to do with who can see what or who cannot see what. The laws should not be made so difficult and so stringent that certain media houses will be excluded,” he added.