Ghanaians, especially pregnant women and children, have been advised to consume more eggs to develop a healthy and intelligent society.

According to a nutritionist, Elikem Adzoma, Ghanaian children have been struggling with creativity and intelligence because parents have denied them daily consumption of eggs.

“Pregnant women must eat more eggs since eggs are easily digestible protein; it is good for normal blood formation in pregnancy and boosts their immune system,” the nutritionist emphasised.

In an interview with Joy News at Nsawkaw, he said the benefits of feeding children with eggs daily far outweighed the so-called adverse effects.

Eat more eggs daily for healthy and intelligent society – Nutritionist

Mr Adzoma said Ghanaians have not been consuming enough eggs due to the misinformation about poultry products.

He added “it was time for stakeholders to put out adequate information concerning poultry products”.

According to the nutritionist, an egg is a total balanced diet that children, adults and the elderly needed to eat throughout the year because it contains good cholesterol, protein, energy and essential vitamins vital for proper skin, bones, teeth, blood clotting and formation of red blood cells.

He indicated that egg also contains essential elements such as calcium, zinc, choline, selenium, phosphorus as well as biotin and if each person eat at least an egg a day, the problem of malnutrition will be sorted out making children intelligent and smart.

Eat more eggs daily for healthy and intelligent society – Nutritionist

He said research has also shown that the egg constitutes an excellent source of choline essential in memory and brain development.

“Eating eggs daily is key in disease prevention and contributes to the well-being of people in life, particularly concerning eyesight and maintenance of the body,” the nutritionist further explained.

He said each person in the United States of America (USA) eats 300 eggs per year, UK, 200 eggs per person each year, China 300 eggs and Mexico 300 eggs, but an average person in Ghana consumes just 20 eggs per year.

The nutritionist who described egg as a super miraculous food that should be an integral part of everyone’s diet is therefore calling for a massive campaign to educate the Ghanaian public on the benefits of eating more eggs.