Nothing has been heard from the TPLF leaders in recent days but they had vowed to continue fighting the federal troops

Ethiopia’s defence ministry has announced a reward of 10 million-birr ($256,000) for tips leading to the arrest of Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) figures that the government says are wanted.

The announcement of was made on Friday by Lt Gen Asrat Denero who said the reward was meant to help arrest the wanted individuals quickly.

Last month arrest warrants were issued for more than 60 senior leaders of the TPLF.

More arrest warrants were later issued for dozens of other current and former army officials.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed last month announced the end of the military offensive after Tigray’s capital, Mekelle, fell to the federal army.

Nothing has been heard from the TPLF leaders in recent days, but they had earlier vowed to continue fighting until federal troops – whom they call invaders – leave Tigray.

The whereabouts of many of the TPLF leaders including its chairman Debrestion Gebremichael are unknown.

The government had earlier said that it had apprehended just two top TPLF figures.

One of them, former speaker of the upper house of parliament Keria Ibrahim, was said to have surrendered to authorities more than two weeks ago but she has not been seen since.

It is also not clear if she has been taken to any court.