Singer/Songwriter, Feli Nuna, has released a new song titled, Towel.

The song released on Wednesday, May 11, was produced by Shawerz Ebiem.

The song has the Daavi Diva’s fire vibes and life lessons that were fueled by her unapologetic sound.

“My music is life. It’s fun. It’s teachable and sweet, edgy and energetic, it’s fire,” she said in an interview. Feli Nuna is back with her Afro-funk and her music knows no bounds.

She revealed that she has poured everything into her new album, promising new music that is edgy, therapeutic and unapologetically woman.

Feli Nuna is hoping this album speaks to the soul of women everywhere.

“It’s about fun and freedom. Knowing that obstacles are a part of life, you should be able to find your freedom and your happiness. Be aware life is hard, but you are harder. So stand out and shine. Don’t sink. Stay up,” she said.

Feli Nuna comes back with new song 'Towel'

Born Felicia Nuna Akosua Tawiah from Leklebi Agbesia in the Volta Region of Ghana, the affectionately known, Feli Nuna, broke onto the Ghanaian music scene in 2015 with a list of hit songs including ‘I Like Am’, ‘Love Me Now’, ‘Gelaway’ and ‘Afro Magic’ to name a few.

Then the vivacious performer took some much needed time away from the mic.

“I believe as humans you have to always take a break so you don’t get lost in it all. It’s important to take time to figure out myself. My music is who I am,” she said.

The University of Ghana, Legon graduate believes she owes it to herself and her fans to give off her best in music.

Feli Nuna comes back with new song 'Towel'

Loving the process of creating music often means taking the time to process and express life’s struggles, lessons and joy in a way that honours her soul and her audience.

“I can’t separate myself from my music. It is who I am. Nuna means gift. Felicia – means happiness. I am a gift of happiness.”

Feli Nuna represents a new generation of great music and young artistic influencers across Africa pushing Ghana music to the top of Afro Beats and World Music, and she’s doing it her way and with her own unique sound.

Now with Off Da Ground records, a record label owned by Ghanaian artiste and hitmaker, Fuse ODG, Feli Nuna is back with a strong team, renewed confidence and relentless joy.

With a solid team behind her and a winning spirit, the energetic performer is ready to take her music across Ghana and around the world. With Off Da Ground at her side, prepare to see this beloved Ghanaian star soar.

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