Hasaacas Ladies have now turned their attention to the First Lady’s Cup following another success in the maiden edition of the Women’s Premier League Super Cup

They face rivals Ampem Darko Ladies on Friday at 4pm.

Being held for the first time, the cup game will take place at the Accra Sports Stadium, with the Hasmal Ladies coming up against the ‘Nana Mma’ Ladies.

Hasaacas Ladies have had an outstanding year and victory on Friday will mean a fifth trophy to their cabinet.

Ampem Darkoa Ladies are still seeking their first victory over the Southerners having lost their last three encounters across all competitions in 2021.

A loss to Hasaacas in the Women’s Premier League final was followed by defeats in the FA Cup final and the semi-final of the Super Cup respectively.

Speaking ahead of the game, Hasaacas Ladies head coach, Yussif Basigi has highlighted the injuries to his squad but is hopeful of winning yet another title.

“You can see that most of my players are injured, with quite a number of them also suffering from knocks and fatigue,” he told Joy Sports.

“But we will do team maintenance and see how best we can organise for that game [vs Ampem Darkoa Ladies in the First Lady Cup].”

First-choice central defenders, Janet Egyir and Blessing Agbomadzi are on the treatment table while Milot Pokuaa is yet to recover from the injury picked up in Ivory Coast.

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