Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has taken a swipe at the opposition NDC for claiming that they can make policies implemented by the NPP better, after vehemently opposing them when the NPP initially introduces them.

He said, first the NDC says projects/policies the NPP intends to implement are impossible yet, when the NPP succeeds in achieving them, the NDC will come out and say they can make the policies better.

“The NDC has a trademark in opposing everything. Any good initiative we bring out, they oppose it. First, they say it is impossible and then when we do it, they say they can do it better,” he said.

He was speaking at the sod-cutting ceremony for the construction of the Synohydro-funded interchange in Takoradi on Monday, where he listed a number of projects opposed by the NDC including the very project he was cutting sod for [the Synohydro project], the free SHS, the One Constituency, One Ambulance project, among others.

He said the NDC, before these projects were implemented, vehemently opposed them with claims they are impossible, but after successful implementation by the NPP, have made a U-turn with claims that they can make them better.

“They opposed the Synohydro but we are giving the Ghanaian people infrastructure through that. They opposed Free SHS and said it was impossible. But we ha successfully implemented that and now they say they can do better.”

“They opposed one constituency one ambulance but every constituency has an ambulance; they opposed one village one dam, but the farmers and Chiefs in the north are commending the government; they opposed one district one factory but we are building the factories and now they say they can do better.”

He further mocked the NDC for opposing the Zipline medical drone service, among others.

“They even opposed the Zipline medical drone service and told people that we would use the drones to take pictures of them in their bathrooms, but we have all seen the impact of the Zipline drone in providing emergency medical service to remote parts of the country.”

“Even when we said our children should go back to school and prepare for their WASCEE and BECE exams, they opposed it and said we wanted the children to die. But by the grace of God, the SHS students have completed and our children are writing their BECE.”

“That is their trademark, everything good, they oppose it. And then they will turn around later and want to be a part of it,” he said.