President Akufo-Addo has urged the people of the Volta Region to vote for the New Patriotic Party in the upcoming elections.

During a campaign tour of the Ketu North Constituency, the President said this will enable his administration continue with the good works initiated in the region during its first term.

“I am asking the people of the Volta Region and the people of Afife and Ketu North that the time has come for the people of the Volta Region to come on the back of the elephant.

“And when you decide to come and sit on the back of the elephant you will never get off the elephant, you will stay on the back of the elephant,” he said.

The Volta Region has been known as one of the strongholds of the National Democratic Congress in Ghana’s political history.

In 1992, out of a total of 787,453 votes cast in the region, 446, 365 went in favor of the NDC.

In the next election [in 1996], a similar trend of the NDC acquiring the highest number of votes in the region occurred.

Out of a total of 896, 766 votes cast, the NDC amassed 690, 421 votes.

The trend has continued in subsequent elections.

However, President Akufo-Addo has asked the people of the Volta region to change the trend in the upcoming elections by voting to retain the NPP in power.