The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has confirmed that the Premier League will not be taking a break to accommodate the Black Stars upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

There were doubts about whether the highest governing body of football in the country will suspend the league until the Black Stars’ games against Ethiopia and South Africa are played.

But the GFA is keen to continue the Premier League during the international break.

The decision to not suspend the league was made known through communication director of the GFA, Henry Asante Twum, during an interview with Ahomka Sports.

“The league just started last week. This weekend we have played match day two and it’s been a while since Asante Kotoko SC played at the Baba Yara but looking at the crowd here even under Covid restrictions, it is very impressive. Therefore, as an FA we think that there is no need to break or postpone the games but rather, we have a plan that on Friday, Gold Stars will play against Kotoko, then on Saturday, other games will continue,” Asante Twum told Ahomka FM.

“Also on Sunday, all matches are scheduled at 3PM, hoping that by 5PM, all league games will be cleared. Moreover, the Black Stars game will be played at 7PM so people can still go back home from league centers and enjoy the Stars game comfortably. Every Premier League game is going on as scheduled,” he added.

Ghana will play the Walyas of Ethiopia at the Orlando Stadium on Thursday, November 11, before going head-to-head with South Africa at the Cape Coast Stadium on Sunday, November 14.

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