An economist and lecturer, Professor Godfred Alufar Bokpin has expressed worry over the rapid loss of morals, decency, and honesty within the Ghanaian society.

To this end, he observed that unless the commercialisation of democracy in Ghana is halted immediately with the right and effective measures, the country will be headed in the wrong direction in its democratic dispensation.

He submitted that the monetisation of democracy in the political sphere – in which the highest bidder is crowned with the power to govern – is chaos for a developing nation like Ghana.

He also categorised the situation in which the citizenry is paid to play, asked to contribute, or count themselves out when a political party wins power and influence peddling allowed as unhealthy.

Lamenting further, he was concerned that, “if the status quo remains, there is no way the democratic dividend will reach the ordinary Ghanaian, as there is nothing ‘national’ about the national cake currently; and whether the ordinary Ghanaian can identify with the national cake, is a topic for a PhD thesis”.

Prof Bokpin made these remarks at the first National Christian Forum organised by Advocates for Christ Ghana (A4CG), a Christian Advocacy group based in Accra, Ghana.

The virtual forum saw Christians from over 100 churches and parachurch organisations and over 300 participants from all over the world.

A4CG is a growing movement of professionals, parents, pastors, and others, all of whom are Christians seeking to provide a permanent and proactive voice on national issues in Ghana.

It has a membership of over 300 currently across Africa, Europe, and the United States of America.

Its vision is to be a lead movement or organisation in Ghana promoting Biblical Christian values in all sectors of national life, working together with other Christians to achieve this.

Their mission of A4CG is to engage in public policy advocacy, capacity development, and prayer related to national issues.