A recent survey by the Alliance for Development and Industrialisation (ADI) shows that the government could rake in close to GHS3 billion if bylaws to check indiscipline are enforced by district assembly authorities.

The survey respondents suggest that spot fines for violating by-laws can be a viable source of revenue for the government.

The survey which was conducted throughout some 10 regional capitals of the country shows 67% of the respondents saying that drivers who wrongfully park and pick passengers should be arraigned before the law court together with the passengers who board the vehicle at these unauthorised spots.

The Greater Accra, Central, Eastern, Western, Volta, Ashanti, Bono East and West are among the regions where the survey was conducted.

According to the survey, 72% of the respondents also said that drivers who normally use the shoulders of the road due to heavy vehicular traffic should be arrested and fined instantly.

Additionally, 58% of the respondents say drivers who violate road traffic regulations should instantly be put before the law court and charged.

It is instructive to note that 61% of the respondents were of the view that unauthorised vehicles that use the siren illegally should also be arrested and fine instantly.

The ADI has also recommended that the government should enforce the sanitation bylaws as well as strengthening the sanitation courts throughout the country.

The government should establish a task force that would go round to arrest citizenry who use the gutters indiscriminately as their refuse dump and charge them instantly.

According to the report, the government should not focus on the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) as the only institution for revenue generation.

Law enforcement could be another source of revenue generation for the government.

To this end, ADI has asked the government to look beyond GRA for revenue generation for the country.

The only way to achieve this is to outsource the revenue collection to credible institutions as it would create a lot of jobs

According to the footnotes by the ADI, if these regulations are well implemented it would go a long way to install some level of discipline in the country. This discipline could translate into higher productivity that is improving productivity through discipline.

The government could generate much-needed revenue through this instant court when culprits are fine which is expected to narrow the fiscal deficit.

The ADI, however, urged the government to enforce the rules.

“The government should not think that if the rules are well implemented, they could lose the election,” it said.