Senior Vice President of Imani-Africa has stated that the Akufo-Addo-led administration will regret its decision to retire former Auditor-General, Daniel Domelevo from office.

According to Kofi Bentil, the move by the government is unjustifiable since Mr Domelevo in his capacity as the Auditor-General, has diligently and professionally executed his mandate in terms of dealing with corruption.

“This [Domelevo] is the best we have had when it comes to the potential to make people who are corrupt pay back,” Kofi Bentil said Saturday on Newsfile.

The comment comes on the heels of a 21-paged document released by the government, explaining circumstances that led to the retirement of Mr. Domelevo.

According to portions of the document, the former Auditor-General was dismissed on grounds that he was appointed by the erstwhile John Mahama administration “to pursue a particular agenda” and not to fight corruption in the interest of the nation.

However, Mr Bentil says this new move by the government to justify Mr Domelevo’s forced retirement is a sad attempt to switch the narrative.

He argues that every step of Mr Domelevo’s forced leave is a breach of the laws of the state.

“Reading the documents that have been published all over the place, I’m quite convinced that it is clear to the persons who did this to Daniel Domelevo that, the public sees this [move] as running out Domelevo who generally is considered to be the best Auditor General we’ve had in this country, and the explanations have not helped them.

“This Auditor-General has shown that he was prepared to take [the corruption fight] to the next level [and] this action to stop him may seem to have succeeded [now] but I honestly think that this government is going to pay a price for it.”