Former MP for Kumbungu, Ras Mubarak has criticised Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu, for his recent comments on the controversial 1.75% e-levy.

According to the former legislator, the Minority Leader’s suggestion that the e-levy should be reduced from the proposed 1.75% to 1% is a ‘betrayal of the people’s cause’.

Commenting on his Facebook page on Friday, Ras Mubarak indicated that, according to the Auditor-General’s report, about 12 billion was recently lost to procurement irregularities, with no prosecutions yet.

In his view, the revelation by the Auditor-General is a proof of the culture of ‘wanton dissipation’ of state resources; and therefore he sees no reason for the imposition of further taxes on citizens.

Ras Mubarak also questioned what the current regime has been able to do with the taxes collected over the last 5 years, for which reason government intends to roll out the 1.75% e-levy.

In his view, the comments by the Minority leader for a downward revision of the levy is therefore tantamount to ‘nothing short of a betrayal of the people’s cause’.

“In case the Minority Leader hasn’t been reading the Auditor-General’s report, over 12billion cedis disappeared into thin air due to procurement irregularities and no one has been held responsible. There’s wanton dissipation of public funds and you want them to take more from the people albeit 1% and waste it as we’ve seen in 5years? This is nothing short of a betrayal of the people’s cause”, Ras Mubarak commented on Facebook.

He further argued that, the suggestions by the Minority Leader is part of the reasons why citizens have lost trust in the opposition as well as the ruling New Patriotic Party.

“It’s the sort of shifty attitude and dangerous flip flopping that make the public feel NDC and NPP are the same”, Ras Mubarak lamented.

On Thursday, December 2, the Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu intimated that even though he was initially opposed to the 1.75% e-levy, he has been convinced to depart from his initial stance.

According to him, a 1% imposition will help in preventing the economy from collapsing. He made these remarks at an event by the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunication.

The comments by the Minority Leader have since sparked controversy on social media, with some accusing him of being compromised by the government. Some aggrieved members of the NDC have also criticised the Minority Leader for his ‘inconsistency’ regarding the policy.

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