Actor, Michael Blackson, has revealed that his wife-to-be rewards him with a new side chic every month.

This according to him happens because he is sincere with her.

In an exclusive interview with Doreen Avio, he said: “She [his fiancée] was like ‘no more lies – I want you to be honest and upfront with me.’ So it’s like she is rewarding me for my honesty.”

He went on to encourage men to be truthful to their partners, for it comes with “rewards.”

But according to his fiancée, she allows him to be with a side chic every month because “having sex with one individual for years is boring.”

She revealed this in an interview on The ShadeRoom’s Great Debatez in May 2022.

Michael Blackson and his fiancée, Miss Rada, got engaged in July 2021, after dating for two years.