Member of Parliament-elect for the Madina Constituency, says his purpose is to serve Ghana and would do so as President should the opportunity present itself.

According to Francis Xavier-Sosu, it is a human desire to want more out of life once a certain degree of success is achieved.

“I don’t mind ever serving this Country as a President, but that is not my dream nor passion now, I believe in taking one step at a time.

“This is where I am now, I want to serve the people of Madina, so the people will say wow if this guys can serve Madina this way, he probable can serve Ghana in this capacity.

“It should be the verdict of the people that my own,” he said.

Speaking to Joy FM’s Lexis Bill on Personality Profile, the human rights activist stated that ahead of the 2020 general election, he was confident of victory based on the attitude of the people and the message he sent across.

“To the Jew I was a Jew, to the Muslin I was a Muslim, to the Christian I was a Christian, to the street kid I was a street kid, to the Kayaye I was a Kayaye.

“I became all things to all men so that I can identify and connect, many people said I was doing it because of politics but I told them that was how I was,” he explained.

Prior to the elections, the politician launched a website, ‘’ to solve the unemployment in the constituency.

Mr. Xavier-Sosu’s vision for his constituency is to provide opportunities for Job Creation & Youth Development.

He intends to set up skills and career centres across the constituency in order to generate a database that captures the demography, education, skills and competencies of the working class in the constituency.

He won by 61, 274 votes while the incumbent NPP’s Abubakar Sadique Boniface managed to pull some 46, 525 votes.