Dr Jones Opoku-Ware, Criminologist and Crime Researcher

A Criminologist, Dr Opoku-Ware has questioned the ability of personnel of the Ghana Police Service to curb the recent surge in daylight robbery in the country.

The Criminologist told Evans Mensah on JoyNews PM Express Wednesday, “because, from the track record and the patterns that I have observed based on the measures that we have in the country and the way we have approached them, it doesn’t seem to communicate and send any good signal to me as a criminologist that we will be able to deal with this issue to the end,”

He noted that the security agencies, over the years, have failed to find the perpetrators of such crimes to bring justice to the affected families, hence his pessimistic disposition towards the ability of the police force.

“Looking at the pattern of murder cases I have observed over the years in the country, and the fact that we still have not been able to solve many of such cases, to be very honest with you, I am not optimistic that we will be able to deal with the menace in the country and seek Justice for the victims and their families as well as bring perpetrators to book.

Meanwhile, the IGP, James Oppong-Boanuh has pledged that no stone will be left unturned in his quest to fight the menace, especially, to ensure the killers of Constable General, Emmanuel Osei, a police officer who was killed on Monday, June 14, are arrested.

“Though the IGP sounded reassuring after listening to him speak on the matter, I am not convinced as a criminologist, that the security service can deal with the menace out rightly, Mr Opoku-Ware said.

Several incidences of armed robbery have plagued the country recently. However, the Monday, June 14, incident involving a police officer, Emmanuel Osei and a hawker, Afua Badu, who were killed by a group of armed robbers at Adedenkpo, near James Town has sparked outrage among the populace with some demanding that the IGP retires.