Commuters are stranded at Kumasi depot of the Metro Mass Transit following a decision by some workers to embark on a sit down strike.

The aggrieved workers complain of nonpayment of salaries for over 6 months.

Among other allegations, the workers mainly drivers and mechanics are calling for the head of the Managing Director, Albert Aduboahene for colapsing the government agency.

Over 100 buses are grounded at the Metro Mass yard with minor faults which the mechanics say could be repaired with the right amount of funds.

They argue that the gross mismanagement of Mr. Aduboahene has brought the Mass Transit firm to its knees.

They say they won’t resume work until government intervenes.

“There are a lot of issues here, but right now we are dealing with salaries. We haven’t been paid for two and half months and that is why we are embarking on this strike.

“If they don’t pay us we will not call it off. No pay, no work,” Union Chairman of the Junior staff at Metro Mass Transit Kumasi depot, John Osei told JoyNews.