SRC President of the Ghana School of Law, Philemon Laar, says more needs to be done to eliminate barriers to gaining admission into the Law School.

His comments follow the admission of 1,045 students out of the 2,763 students who sat for the 2020 entrance examinations into the School of Law, a remarkable increase in the pass rate as compared to last year’s 93 per cent recorded failure.

But speaking on JoyNews’ AM Show on Tuesday, October 6, 2020, the SRC President maintained that students call for reform to the admission process of the School has not been completely responded to.

“This victory is taken with some bit of caution because the reforms we asked for are sweeping. What we asked for is not a one-year admission of 1,045 students. What we asked for is not an overhaul per se, but a general reform in legal education.

So this is just one part of what we’ve been calling for, and as much as we are thankful for it, our position still remains the same,” he said.

Meanwhile, a Supreme Court ruling in 2017 described the admission process into the Ghana School of Law, which included an entrance exam and interview as illegal.

But a new law passed by Parliament in 2018 gave legal backing to entrance exams as a pre-requisite for accessing the professional law course.