Embattled former pastor of Lighthouse Chapel International (LCI), Larry Odonkor has apologized to his former junior pastor, Rev. Edmund Amartey following some revelations made in a rejoinder by the latter on the circumstances surrounding the sale of a car belonging to the church.

In the apology, Larry Odonkor admits Rev. Edmund’s claims which were backed with series of WhatsApp messages that point to the fact that Larry Odonkor instructed Rev. Edmund to sell the car and all the monies from the sale given to him, were true.

In June 2022, Mr. Larry Odonkor caused The Fourth Estate to make a publication to the effect that he was not involved in the sale of the car since he was in Ghana and not Madagascar at the time it was sold.

This was after getting judgment in a case between himself and LCI-Madagascar concerning the sale of the said car.

Mr. Odonkor then alleged that Rev. Edmund was the one who sold the car “and it is not clear where the money went to”.

But the former junior pastor consequently responded with a rejoinder in which he revealed, with evidence, some chats between himself and Larry Odonkor and two other people, how he was told the car was not for the church and later instructed to sell it to the highest bidder.

The messages further detailed how the proceeds from the car sale was used for Larry Odonkor’s personal benefit in February 2020.

In the text messages, Larry Odonkor instructed Rev. Edmund Amartey to sell the car and use the proceeds of the sale to make the final payment of land which he was acquiring in Madagascar.

Rev. Edmund did so.

He further instructed that part of the money be given to a caretaker of his cows in Madagascar.

He again instructed that the remainder of the money, which was in excess of $5,000, be sent to him in Ghana, which he duly received.

Rev Edmund further said his name was not mentioned in the judgment, so he did not understand why Larry Odonkor dragged him into the media with such false publications. He also added that LCI has appealed against the decision of the court.

Subsequently, Larry Odonkor sent the apology through the same number that Rev. Edmund published as the number with which Larry instructed him to sell the car.

Mr. Odonkor stated that, “I want to apologize for how you feel. It was not deliberate on my part to leave things hanging and open to speculation”.

He then explained that his phone had crushed at a point so he had lost most of his chat history including his chats with Rev. Edmund Amartey.

He thus blamed his loss of memory on how the car was sold, and how he received the money from the sale of the car on his phone.

He said further that in his presentation to The Fourth Estate, he “steered clear from how you disbursed the money after the car was sold,” because he no longer had the records.

Find below screenshots of the apology from Larry Odonkor to Rev. Edmund Amartey:

LCI car sale saga: Larry Odonkor apologises to Lighthouse pastor in Madagascar
LCI car sale saga: Larry Odonkor apologises to Lighthouse pastor in Madagascar
LCI car sale saga: Larry Odonkor apologises to Lighthouse pastor in Madagascar