Private legal practitioner, Martin Luther Kpebu has called for addition of psychology to courses taught at universities offering Law programmes.

According to him, practicing lawyers require a strong grounding in psychology and mental health in order to succeed in the legal profession.

Mr Kpebu bemoaned the absence of courses that deal with behavioral patterns of humans in the course outline of law schools in the country and recommended the subject strongly.

“I wish to recommend that you learn as much psychology and as much about mental health as you can, because these will be very useful in the practice. We are usually confronted with a lot of cases that will require knowledge about psychology and mental health. In actual fact, I will not hesitate at all to recommend that they be mandatory courses for practicing lawyers in these areas,” he said.

The Legal practitioner and Partner at Globetrotters Legal Africa, made this proposal as Guest Speaker during a virtual graduation ceremony at the University of Ghana.

A cohort of 106 Law students from the University of Ghana School of Law, and 37 students from the University of Ghana Medical and Dental Schools graduated.

Mr Kpebu admonished the graduands not to be discouraged by the mistake they commit in the world of work; rather they should capitilise on the shortcomings for greater exploits.

He further cautioned them against desperation to make money quickly and advised that the interest of the poor, particularly, should be served in order to build a strong and just society.

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