When an internal audit is misconstrued to mean exhibition it makes me sad because I begin to think we have a whole lot of work to do in the constituency.

Administratively, no Committee that has been mandated by the higher legitimate authority will from time to time have to seek permission to perform their normal responsibility within their powers.

I stand to be corrected but there is no clause in the NPP Constitution that forbids any mandated group of our party not to carry out internal audit if they so wish.

Let us get it straight: the compilation and generation of Delegates’ Register are conducted at the Constituency and copies sent to Regional Party Office and National H/Q. The source document is from the constituency. It is, therefore, presupposed that the very copy at the Constituency should be the same as the copy at National HQ unless it is altered.

*Audit simply means an official examination of an organisation’s records or books to check that they are correct or not and based on the findings to advise. It is an internal exercise.

*Exhibition is a public show or display where people can go and see paintings, photographs etc. It is not restricted to selected few. Here, public means everyone who deems himself or herself fit can visit the show. And in fact, an exercise such as this will require extraneous powers and involvement.

The Parliamentary Election Committee (PEC) at the Dome-Kwabenya Constituency (DKC) was doing its normal auditing of the register and sought to invite electoral zonal coordinators to help the exercise to clear doubts and hold themselves in readiness to the incoming Parliamentary Primaries Elections.

In this case, the PEC was doing an Audit and not Exhibition.

Do they require approval from the Region or National to do an internal audit? No, no and no!

What the snatchers — an aide and supporters of incumbent MP, Adwo Sarfo — did was illegal and amounted to disrespect to the Committee and the Party at large, which should be condemned.

I am confused at the revelation by one of the snatchers who claimed he handed over the document to the Police but later at a meeting with Regional Police command, he said the document was given to the Constituency Chairman who was himself part of the PEC that was conducting the audit. All efforts to get the DKC Constituency Chairman has failed.

The National HQ is advised to release the Delegates Register Album to the PEC for exhibition to be carried out on time.

No Exhibition, no vote in Dome Kwabenya and no vote in NPP primaries nationwide!

 All we are asking for is transparency.

Every general election has an exhibition to make sure one’s name is there – as a voter.

 NPP, please take note.

God bless our homeland GHANA…and help us to resist oppressors rule, with ALL OUR WILL and MIGHT FOREVERMORE.

The writer, Ntim Gyakari, aka Sir Sir, is a businessman and a member of the governing New Patriotic Party.

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