A 28-year-old man has murdered his wife and subsequently committed suicide at Teshi Praso in the Asante Akyem South Municipality of the Ashanti Region.

The deceased identified as Kwabena Ankomah, according to reports, shot his wife, Akua Adomah after a misunderstanding ensued between them.

The incident that occured on Monday morning, June 14, left many residents in shock and agony.

The eldest son of the deceased who spoke to AdomNews revealed that his mother had travelled to attend a funeral and failed to inform his father. Upon arrival, Kwabena Ankomah, he said was peeved at his mother and this got them arguing.

Their argument escalated and his father pushed his 33-year-old mother to the ground, went into the house, picked up his gun and shot her.

“My mother travelled for a funeral ceremony and failed to notify my father so he went to the elders and briefed them on the matter. They were supposed to hear the matter today but my mother arrived. They were arguing and he pushed her to the ground. He then entered the house and picked up a gun. He stood there and shot her to the ground,” he stated.

According to him, they left their house and headed to their grandparents home where Kwabena Ankomah ordered him and his other siblings to shoot him after killing his mum, but they all refused.

This, he said, led his father to take his on life.

“He called my younger sister to shoot him but she refused and run away. He then called me but I also refused and run away. My grandmother was going to tidy up the room and we heard a gunshot. We went and saw that he had shot himself,” he added.

According to a member of the community who was hearing the deceased’s plea, Kwabena Ankomah while in Primary school informed his class, he would want to behead people when he grows.

This he said may have resulted in the irrational decision to end the life of his wife and himself.

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