The National Case Management Coordinator for Severe and Critical Covid-19 cases, Dr. Christian Owoo, has revealed that many young people who have not been vaccinated are getting infected by the delta variant.

According to him, unlike the previous variants where young people were relatively spared, people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s are in intensive care units battling the virus as a result of the new variant.

Speaking on Top Story, Dr. Owoo stated that despite the nature of the delta strain, some of these cases are being recorded as a result of non-compliance with the safety protocols.

“There is that notion that if you are young, you are wearing a bulletproof against the virus, that is not true. We are losing people who are young, who have not vaccinated, because of non-adherence and also because we are not yet out of this wave,” he told the host, Ernest Manu.

His comment comes after the Ghana Health Service recorded a rise in Covid-19 cases and some few recoveries.

In its latest update, the Ghana Health Service revealed that as of August 23, 1,001 people have died after contracting the virus.

On August 22, the Service revealed that 991 people had died from the virus. The latest update as of August 23, shows that 10 more people had passed on.

The active cases currently stand at 6,905. Out of this figure recorded, 149 cases are severe while 62 others are critical.

Meanwhile, Dr Owoo stated that some persons who have been vaccinated have also tested positive for the virus but their cases are not severe.

“Those who have received the vaccine, significantly what we are seeing is that even when they are infected, a very large majority of them are not going down with severe or critical diseases or dying. There may be a few of them but it is nowhere compared to those who are not vaccinated.”

He added that the elderly, who were vaccinated in the first phase, are being spared from contracting the delta variant.

“The first vaccination we did had a priority of the elderly and priority groups. This third wave with the delta variant, one of the things we are seeing is that a good chunk of our elderly citizens, who had vaccinations were being spared, whereas one thing that is remarkable about this variant, is that it is affecting even those who are young.”

He urged the public to take the safety protocols seriously so they can protect themselves from contracting the virus.