With regards to her legacy, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings is more deserving to be with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) than with the National Democratic Party (NDP), says United Nations (UN) Senior Mediation Advisor and Former Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Emmanuel Habuka Bombande.

According to Mr Bombande, the former first lady and current flagbearer of the NDP, Madam Konadu Rawlings has left behind a legacy that has set the pace in the NDC concerning issues of women empowerment and gender equality.

He says her achievements are worth celebrating and would be better appreciated as a member of the NDC than it would be under the NDP.

Speaking on JoyNews’ Personality Profile, the diplomat said: “I kept on reminding her that Ghanaians would want to appreciate her legacy. Her legacy of being at the forefront of elevating women and putting them at the centre.

“But obviously if I’m talking about Her Excellency the former first lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, I would not pretend that my bias would not show.”

Nana Konadu became the founder and flagbearer on the NDP after withdrawing from the NDC in October 2012, following an impasse with the party’s leadership

She is also the Founder of the 31st December Women’s Movement, a non-governmental organisation, which mobilises and empowers women, especially the vulnerable, to be an active part of Ghana’s democratic system.

As the third time flagbearer of the NDP, the former First Lady will represent her party in this year’s general elections.

According to Mr. Bombande, it would be a great honour to have the Former first lady return to the NDC and expressed his willingness to lead a reconciliatory effort to lure her back.

“I, Emmanuel Habuka Bombande would have preferred to lead a reconciliation effort [for her] to be back in NDC and not to be where she is. I think she is more deserving in terms of her legacy to be back home in NDC and not in NDP,” he stated.