NDP General Secetary, Mohammed Frimpong

The General Secretary of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Mohammed Frimpong has predicted a move of many influential personalities from the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to other political parties.

He cited issues regarding accountability in the 2020 election results collated by the party and non-participatory governance as the reasons for his projection.

“We think that they have deviated because for a Rawlings’ social democratic party, you must understand participatory democracy, if you don’t do that [people can move to form other groups]. Why not, that would come about,” he told JoyNews.

Following the election petition trial at the Supreme Court, leading member Dr Benjamin Kumbour disclosed that the party’s Council of Elders has not had access to the said collated figures.

“Political accountability is vertical and horizontal. People don’t know today, what exactly are the collated figures,” he said.

But former NDC Greater Accra Regional Chair, Ade Coker revealed that the party had made available these documents to members during a three-day retreat in Ho – a meeting Dr Kunbour was absent.

He, therefore, criticised Dr Kunbour for behaving like a “serial caller” instead of reaching out to party executives as per the standard procedures of the party.

“We have the collated results. I’m surprised why Dr Kunbour being a member of the Council of Elders hasn’t availed himself or asked the Executives to render account to the Council of Elders.

“If the Council of Elders is that interested in the figures, they would have asked. You just don’t go and say you are coming to give figures when they know the situation and they know what has happened at the party,” he said.

Reacting to the NDC brouhaha, Mr Frimpong intimated that a section of the NDC is self-interest driven, hence have derailed from the core values set by the party’s founder late Jerry John Rawlings.

“It is a derail of the goal in the sense that lot of people are projecting self-interest and when you are in a party where a lot of people start projecting self-interest, certainly, the core philosophy is deflected. So that is what is exactly happening,” he stated.

He further indicated to JoyNews’ Joseph Ackah-Blay that the NDC has been unable to play on a hung Parliament to cause a change wanted by many Ghanaians.

“We never envisioned the so called hung parliament we are seeing now. But you see it was an unchartered path that we began. People thought it was going to bring a whole lot of change so expectations were high.

“But I can tell you clearly that at the end of the day, there won’t be any difference because the laws remain, the only thing is that political parties have pinched into reality that is all,” he noted.

Instead of providing at atmosphere to ensure accountability, all that a hung parliament has brought according to him “was to trigger political ground standing and comedy as well.”

“That is all we have seen so far,” he added.