Available data shows that close to 50% of fire hydrants in nine regions in Ghana are not serviceable.

According to the Ghana National Fire Service, over 550 out of the 1,210 fire hydrants identified in nine regions in the country are not operational.

Public Relation Officer of the service, DOI Ellis Okoe Robinson, disclosed to the Ghanaian Times in Accra that more than 550 fire hydrants are either not operational due to problems such as low pressure, blockage by unlawful constructions, and others buried beneath sand.


Greater Accra Region

  • Greater Accra currently has 295 fire hydrants of which 169 are serviceable and 126 are not serviceable.


  • Of the 337 fire hydrants in Tema, 149 are operational whiles 188 are not functional

Ashanti Region

  • The service indicated that Ashanti region has 213 fire hydrants of which 116 are not working.

Volta Region

  • Volta region on the other hand  has 72 fire hydrants with 32 serviceable and 40 not serviceable

Savannah Region

  • Savannah region has only 4 fire hydrants with just 1 functional and 3 not serviceable

Eastern Region

  • Out of the 125 fire hydrants in the region, 72 are currently operational with 53 not functioning

Oti Region

  • The Oti region has 10 fire hydrants – 6 functional and 4 not serviceable.

Western and Western North Region

  • The two regions jointly have 85 fire hydrants with only 16 working. The service identified 69 of the total number of hydrants in the two regions as not functional.

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