Senior Political Science Lecturer at University of Ghana, Legon - Prof. Ransford Gyampo

Senior lecturer at the University of Ghana’s Political Science Department, Prof Ransford Gyampo says the Office of the Auditor-General will be ineffective following Daniel Yao Domelevo’s forced reitrement.

He disclosed on Joynews’ Newsfile that Mr. Domelevo was unlawfully retired, hence the new Auditor-General’s position will be illegitimate and would also be rendered toothless.

Speaking to host, Samson Lardy Anyenini, he said: “By what has happened, we have psychologically rendered whoever replaces Domelevo as toothless and illegitimate as the said person must be a party favorite.

“Even if the person is not a party favorite, such a person may want to be politically correct in his dealings and in the discharge of his role and I think this will not help.”

Prof Gyampo, who in earlier submissions condemned the President’s decision to retire Mr. Domelevo, further hinted that it is essential to discuss the role of government in appointing officials particularly at the time of leaving office.

“Going forward as a nation, we must look again and rethink about the decisions and appointments that can be made by a government during a transitional period. When elections have been held and when you know you are going, are you able to make certain appointments that other regimes must come and respect and all that.

“Again, we must also not allow the idea to fester that if you don’t appoint someone, you must not be able to work with that person,” he added.

President Akufo-Addo in a press statement on March 3, 2021, thanked Mr. Domelevo for his service and directed him to retire following a report by the Audit Service Board that the former Auditor-General has reached his retirement age.

The Domelevo brouhaha has since escalated after the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations against Corruption (CSOs) opined the circumstances surrounding the decision to force Mr Domelovo into retirement appears to suggest that the government has lost interest in fighting corruption.

In a recent development, the Office of the President revealed that the former Auditor-General was not targeted and chased out of office as has been suggested by the CSOs.

In its 21-paged letter signed by the President’s Secretary, Nana Asante Badiatuo, the Presidency further explained that the President has not given up in his fight against corruption because “Mr Domelevo was provided the necessary resources required for the efficient running of the Audit Service.

But responding to the President’s letter, Prof Ransford Gyampo said it is clear the government seeks to present its side of the story, however, the timing of Mr Domelevo’s appointment and his utterances on the matter cannot be disregarded.

He also indicated that the Court could have brought finality to the matter but failed to do so.

“One serious issue that could have brought finality to this matter was when the matter was sent to the court. I think the court failed to intervene in such a time-sensitive matter when matters pertained to Domelevo were sent to them. But for whatever reason, they delayed until the man is now on retirement,” he stated.

Host, Samson Anyenini then clarified that the said reports explain that the Court did not delay processes, however, persons litigating the matter did.

Touching on this information, Prof Gyampo stated that the supposed report has not been made known to the public.

“The court over the years has been communicating some of the things they do. And you know, governance is also about the perception, the idea of legitimacy is not about always doing right.

“It is also about, people knowing and feeling that you are doing the right thing and if people will know and feel you are doing the right thing, then you have to also be responsible for the kind of communication you put out there so that there is clarity,” he noted.