Transitions Company Limited has launched a Pre-Plan product which will offer prospective clients the opportunity to organise stress-free funerals for their loved ones and themselves.

The Transition product which was unveiled Tuesday in Accra seeks to make funerals easy on the pockets of families with the cost of funerals on the rise.  

Interacting with the media, the General Manager of Transitions, Jodene Smith noted that the product was the first of its kind in the funeral industry and people who contribute to the plan have the opportunity to customize their funerals.

The General Manager said that the product has features that made it flexible for clients to transfer their plan to another person and make changes when they see fit.

“This product aims to help families plan the funeral for loved ones where they can pay it over a period of time at their convenience” she stated.

Mrs Smith also said the product “is not restrictive, you can choose your own package and you are able to design what you desire.”

“The specific feature is the fact that it is transferable, regardless of your age or where you are you can benefit from this plan. We customize according to the need of the individual.”


Speaking at the event, the Guest Speaker, Albert Okrah, urged the public to accept and take advantage of such a product because the value of the contribution you make will remain the same whenever you are bereaved.

“All over the world, people are choosing products and services that have the needs of the consumer in mind, in the area of cost, quantity, quality, convenience, and environmental friendliness. Interestingly, many of them have been embedded in this new product being launched,” he said.

The reverend also commended the Transition team saying “you may not know what you are doing but you are helping people go through a phase of their life in dignity, respect, convenience and interestingly a cost-effective way”.

He recounted the efficient way Transition organised his father’s funeral and urged everyone to do the same.

“It was very convenient and stress-free. I am very grateful to the Transition team” he stated.

The Funeral People Enterprise Funeral Services Ghana (EFSG) trading as ‘Transitions’ was introduced in Ghana in 2017 as a full-service Funeral Company providing comprehensive funeral services to bereaved families across the country.