Nerve-wracking moments on Season 3 of GSA and Joy FM’s “The Scholarship”

Nerve-wracking moments on Season 3 of GSA and Joy FM’s “The Scholarship”
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Date: 22-07-2016 Time: 10:07:46:am

Listeners of Joy FM and indeed the entire country had waited for so long to see who was next to grab that mouth-watery £30,000 scholarship prize to study at the University of Dundee.

So last Saturday on Joy FM, when that scary tune played and Kwame Sakyiamah at the edge of his distinctively velvety baritone voice, introduced another season of The Scholarship, it was obvious that GSA and Joy FM had brought us that fun-filled hour of educative radio time again.

It is to be recalled that in 2013 and 2014, listeners of Joy FM were treated to a competitive display of knowledge, wits and ambition of eight of our country’s brilliant graduates as they battled to win a 30,000 GBP scholarship to study at the University of Dundee in Scotland.  

For many followers, The Scholarship was a slight departure from conventional radio programing as for once on live radio, it wasn’t about politicians, entertainers or music, it was about young Ghanaians and their undying ambition to have a taste of  postgraduate education experience in Energy Studies; an expertise  that has become very critical to our economy.

On the third season of the Scholarship this time, 8 young men and a lady have been set against each other having gone through several weeks of team bonding, boot camping, personality building, interviews and aptitude tests in preparation for the main contest.

The first segment of the show which is a sixty-second timed test has been some of the nerve-wracking moments on the program. On this first episode of season 3 last Saturday, you could literally feel the shrill in the voice of the contestants as they gave answers to questions ranging from Politics, religion, maths, science, geography, entertainment and international affairs.

To be fair, the level of confidence exhibited by the contestants this time has been very high as many of them exhibited lots of intelligence in the quiz albeit not without the few moments of passing questions like midfielders.

In the second segment of this maiden episode, our candidates were tasked to deliver a three-minute presentation on what accounts for brain drain and their possible actions to curb the phenomenon.

To be honest, there was some evidence of deep research and as usual others struggled to find a waist to connect the leg and head of their presentations.

We are not sure of how the next 6 weeks is going to turn out, however it reminds us of the the heated battle and healthy rivalry between Joel, Ashong and Priscilla from the last season.

The country should brace itself for a good contest, more funny moments and sad evictions as we count down to who takes over the baton from Scholar Joseph Nii Tettey Ashong whom we are told recently graduated from Dundee with flying colours.

Will it be Solomon, Lois, Cephas, Philip, Emmanuel, Dennis, Anthony Chrisantus or Nartey? Tune in to Joy FM next Saturday at 5pm and join Lexis Bill your host as he drills the 9 contestants for an hour and don’t forget to text the name of your favourite contestant to the short code 1422 on all networks. 

While at it, stick to this platform for all the twists and turns, pictures and personality profiles and some of the gossips you will never see in the studios.


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