Apam SHS has eliminated Nkwatia Presby SHS and Kpando SHS in the one-eighth stage of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) held at the University of Ghana.

Right from the start, it was evident that Gideon Quaynor and Bright Odame came prepared, maintaining the lead for Apam SHSH throughout the contest.

At the end of Round One, Apam SHS was already in the lead with 16 points. Nkwatia Presby SHS followed with 8 points and Kpando SHS, came in last with only 5 points.

At the end of the second round, Apam SHS led with 21 points, while Nkwatia had 15 points.

Kpando SHS were able to add only 1 point to their score from the first round, bringing their tally to 6.

Nkwatia Presby and Kpando SHS were unable to wrestle the lead out of Apam in round 3 as Apam SHS secured their lead with 26 points.

Nkwatia and Kpando were only able to increase points by 4 points and 3 points respectively to earn 19 points and 9 points.

In the final round, Apam SHS had 36 points, Nkwatia SHS had 29 and Kpando SHS also had 16 points.