Following the completion of the maiden Division One League Super Cup where Skyy FC beat Tema Youth in the final, Terry Aidam, vice-chairman of the Local Organizing Committee for the tournament has commended the level of competition and indicated that next year’s tournament will be bigger.

“Going by what we just saw, next year is going to be a notch higher. Skyy has shown the way, Tema Youth has shown the way.

“People will not just come and use it as a pre-season, they’ll take it as a ritual tournament and we may look at moving it from one regional center to the other. So next year there’s a big future for it,” he said to Joy Sports in an interview.

The competition, which took place over two weeks amongst various match centers and involved eight clubs, has been described by Aidam as one with huge potential.

Aidam noted that despite the many challenges from this year, the DOL Super Cup has room for improvement.

“Overall I’ll say it’s good, but there’s more room for improvement. There has been a challenge mainly because of finance and another big challenge was getting venues to play this tournament.

“We virtually at the 11th hour had to accept here because out of all the lot, this was the best in terms of where we want to do it, finance and things. So we’ll say yes, it’s a novice. We’ve started and next year we hope to improve,” Aidam told Joy Sports.

Skyy FC finished as winners with Tema Youth ending the competition as runners up. Newly promoted Accra Lions finished as second runners up after beating Samartex in the third place playoff.

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