Nigerian looters target government stores

There have been widespread looting incidents in several states across Nigeria as hundreds of young people continue to storm government stores as well as private properties in unrest sparked by anti-police brutality protests.

The UN humanitarian co-ordinator in the country Edward Kallon says some UN facilities including vehicles were also attacked in the southern city of Calabar by what he described as vandals trying to discredit the anti-police brutality protests. He called on young people to exercise restraint.

In the northern Nigerian state of Adamawa, a government spokesperson told the BBC stampedes during looting at government facilities left at least five people dead.

More than 400 people have been arrested in Lagos and Plateau states in connection with mass looting and violence there.

There are reports of arrests in several other states.

Food items, medicines and farming inputs such as fertilisers are among items looted in the attacks.

Relief food meant to help the poor during the Covid-19 pandemic, allegedly hoarded by some state governments, were also looted. Some of the officials have denied the allegation.

Private properties and those of UN agencies were also targeted in some places.

Criminals causing mayhem have allegedly infiltrated the demonstrations which have now been called off.