A Senior Law Lecturer at the University of Ghana has said the electoral laws of the country prohibits the sale of liquor less than 500 metres away from polling stations on election day.

Dr. Aziz Bassit Abdul Bamba said this is to prevent people from getting drunk and causing chaos.

“It is a very strange provision, but the rational is clear,” he told host of JoyNews’ ‘The Law,’ Samson A. Anyenini.

His comment comes as part of discussions on the ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ outlined for voters, the Electoral Commission, Political Parties and Candidates, as well as all stakeholders in the country’s election process.

According to the Lecturer, voters are expected to report to polling stations before 5 pm.

He adds that persons who may flout this provision may be denied the opportunity to cast their ballot.

“Once you’re a second outside of 5 pm, you should be prevented,” he said.

He further noted that, every voter is required to cast only one ballot on election day unless, he or she “has been appointed as a proxy.”

“In Ghana it is one person, one vote; nothing more, nothing less. When you’ve been appointed as a proxy voter, then you can vote for yourself and your principal. Apart from that, under no circumstance can you vote more than once,” he said.

He added that, persons who are caught voting more than once could be prosecuted and severely punished, according to the law.