Ghanaian dancehall musician Samini may be caught up outside the country amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. But unlike others, he is not so desperate to return to his home country.

Days after holding a concert in the city of Calgary in Canada, what was supposed to be a quick stop by his family’s residence in the North American country has become a three-month vacation following the imposition of a lockdown.

He explained that: “I came home to check on my kids and family… I was here (Canada) before the lockdown started but luckily for me, I was in my own house.”

Not-so-stranded Samini shows off kids on live TV from Canada

The ‘Linda’ hitmaker sees a silver lining in the cloud.

“I find myself at home and the kids cannot believe that I am here for three months straight because I am always in and out. So they are having a great time,” he told JoyNews via a Zoom interview.

On the May 22 edition of JoyNews Prime, the entertainer, for the first time on live television introduced his children to Ghanaians on the request of stay-at-home host Isreal Laryea.

The musician also revealed that he has not registered for the government-led initiative to ensure that stranded Ghanaians return from locked-down countries.

He said, “I have not registered to return home but when they lift the ban, I will check how I will fit in there and come to Ghana to do my personal two-week stay at home by myself.”

On the impact of coronavirus on the music industry, the dancehall artiste said the pandemic presented “a nice way to have the scene breathe a little and have the people to miss us. It’s a way to reinvent ourselves, go back to the drawing board and improve our craft.”

He, however, expressed optimism in a revitalised music industry after the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s going to be a beautiful moment when everything is finally over and people are allowed to see concerts, go to shows and stuff,” he said.

Samini is set to hold his Untamed Virtual Concert on YouTube Saturday, May 30, 2020.

Not-so-stranded Samini shows off kids on live TV from Canada