Independent Presidential aspirant, Kofi Koranteng has said that the Electoral Commission (EC) and the government are colluding to prune out unwanted presidential aspirants from the electoral process.

This, in his opinion, is the reason why the filing fee for presidential aspirants has been increased from GHS50,000 to GHS 100,000.

“The NPP are in bed with the EC telling them that we want to prune this process; get these guys out of here, let’s make it GHS 100,000 so we don’t have any distractions,” he said.

The Electoral Commission of Ghana recently announced an increase in filing fees towards the upcoming December polls.

He said the fee charged by the EC denies the Ghanaian of his or her right to contest in the country’s presidential race.

Asked if he would be able to raise the amount, Kofi was hopeful that the good people of Ghana will support him in his quest to become president.

“This is not my endeavour, I am here as a servant to represent the people of Ghana. I am hoping the Ghanaian people will call and say ‘Kofi, I wrote a cheque for that GH¢100,000. Pay this and let’s move forward with this thing”.