A political researcher and pollster at the Kumasi Technical University has revealed that whopping sums of money were released to delegates in the election of Ashanti regional NPP executives.

Dr. Smart Sarpong claims his research provided that these monies were to compensate for the cost the delegates incurred during the constituency elections. 

He spoke on Luv FM to review the outcome of regional executive elections of the NPP in Ashanti region. 

Dr. Sarpong indicated that all the candidates paid varying amounts: “In fact, in terms of the payment ranking, the delegates told me one of the candidates didn’t pay much. They told me he was only paying 1,000 Ghana cedis to be shared amongst the delegates in the constituency, which they claim wasn’t enough”.

He further stated that the conclusions deduced from the move was not to entirely elect a competent leadership, but to also help them absorb costs the delegates incurred during the constituency elections.

“This time, my understanding was that they were helping them defray the costs that they too incurred. These delegates had just come from their elections and they had also spent a lot in securing their various constituency positions. So, it was more of supporting them in what they have lost,” he said.

According to Dr. Sarpong, the monies were paid collectively to be shared among the delegates in all the 47 constituencies in the region.

“The monies weren’t paid individually. This time, the difference is that, no candidate gave the money to individuals. Which I think was good, even though they still spent. It was better than those days when they were giving to individuals.

“So, when they visit the constituencies, they make sure all the 17 delegates are there. So, when they are going, they leave them like 5,000 or 10,000 Ghana cedis and they share,” he said.

The pollster, however, is supportive of the move to disburse the funds in support of activities in the constituency and not giving them out individually.  

“There was an instance where the incumbent Chairman gave some 7,000 Ghana cedis to an associate of the 1st and 2nd Vice Chairmen as seed money to support the constituency. I think it was best he didn’t tell them to share it amongst themselves, but to be used to support the constituency.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sarpong is imploring politicians not to discredit the research works of the University as it is their duty to shape the national discourse.

“Africa has still not learnt from the advanced world.  We still don’t pay attention to research. We discredit research, especially those that come from the universities. The politicians think our duty as a university is to stay on campus and teach and not interfere with the things they do,” he said.