St Peter’s SHS National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) 2019 participant, Michael Obeng assures supporters of a definite win in the NSMQ 2020 competition with God leading the team.

The Persco contestant who is well known for his famous bible quote “…it is finished” said references from the Bible are inspirations from the God.

“We pray before every contest and when we get to the stage the Holy Spirit takes control. The inspiration came from the Most-High and he told me what to say,” he told Joy FM.

He urged all supporters to be steadfast as they support St Peter’s SHS during the on-going competition.

“I call on the old boys, every member of the Persco community to support our great team. Not only this year but every other year”, he said.

Michael Obeng said he feels honoured and grateful for the attention and love he has received throughout the contest.

“I believe the greatest honour is getting to heaven but it is a great honour to me as well. And I appreciate the followership”.

He reiterated that the team is chaired by God hence he senses no form of pressure from public expectations.

He added, “The only time there will be pressure on me is if I was the one carrying the team.

“That’s not the case because it is the most-high who is carrying us. When we get on that stage, it is no longer Michael and my partner, it is God. So what happens is in his control”.