The members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Oti Region have described comments by a divisional chief within the Akyode paramountcy as “shameful, packed lies and propaganda”.

According to them, the comments by the paramount chief, Nana Chere, were to extol the non-existent virtues of John Mahama.

Speaking at a press conference in Dambai on Thursday, the NPP’s Oti Region Communications Director, Seidu Musa explained that, the party would have ordinarily ignored the chief’s comment, “but he has consistently engaged openly in partisan politics for the NDC.”

He stated that “we, however, feel compelled to respond to him this time around because he has taken his partisan politics beyond tolerable limits. We also want to seize the opportunity to correct some blatant falsehoods he has peddled and to set the records straight.”

The Communications Director named about 60 projects the governing party has completed in the region, including market sheds at Sibi and Damanko, constructed 800 capacity boys and girls dormitory at KASEC, completed classroom blocks at Dodi Papase SHS, Ahamansu SHS and other schools, construction of 800-bed capacity girls dormitory at Bueman SHS and Yam and Cassava chips processing factory at Adonkwanta.

Other projects, Mr Musa highlighted included Waste recycling plant at Yabram, Construction of Oti Regional High Court complex Dambai, Abotoase market roads, an extension of rural electrification at Nsuta, Atakrom, Guaman and Jasikan, all in Jasikan Municipality, and construction of boreholes in five communities- Nandikrom, Korkorse, Kwameakura, Akaneim and Majimaji Beposu.

The Communications Director stated that “the record of President Akufo-Addo is unmatched. Nana Chere should open his eyes and come to terms with this reality.”

He also questioned the legitimacy of Nana Chere’s claim that he is a chief within the Akyode paramountcy in Nkwanta.

“Nkwanta has three ‘paramountcies’ that are all represented at the Oti Regional House of Chiefs, which comprise the Ntrobos, the Adeles and the Akyodes. So, the claim that he is a paramount chief is palpable falsehood and should be ignored,” he added.

On Nana Chere’s claim that Mahama was cheated in the 2020 general elections, Mr Musa said that “the good people of this country overwhelmingly rejected John Mahama in 2016. They rejected John Mahama in 2020. Ghana has moved on. We have a visionary leader in President Akufo-Addo, who is focused on delivering the public good.”

Mr Musa urged residents in the region to support government to build a Ghana of prosperity for all.

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