A member of the Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament wants parliament to suspend sitting if leadership is convinced MPs are not safe in the house.

Helen Ntoso addressing the issue on the Floor of Parliament, Friday, stressed that the meeting of the House was in contrast to the President’s directive not to have a grouping of more than 25 people.

This according to her, did not speak well of the legislators who are to be examples to the general public.

“The president has given a directive that no more than 25 people are supposed to gather. We are told that two pastors have been arrested because they met in their churches to pray.

“And we as parliamentarians, we are legislators, we are supposed to set good examples, and yet we meet here and we’re more than 25. Meanwhile, other people are arrested for flouting the directive of the president. “

This she said was not being fair to Ghanaians.

Helen Ntoso who is also the MP for Krachi-West also stated that some members of parliament who were supposed to observe the 14 days self-quarantine had before going into self-quarantine been at parliament and interacted with other members of the house.

“Yesterday, there was a colleague on the other side who said her husband is self-quarantining and showed that before the husband was self quarantining they had come into contact before the husband went into self-quarantine.

“And I’m told that two MPs are supposed to also undergo self-quarantine, they came to parliament here, and they had contact with other members before they were asked to go into self-quarantine.

“So Mr Speaker, I just want to submit that if the place is not safe then there is no need for us to gather here,” she said.

Meanwhile, Parliament has rolled out more measures to protect MPs from the coronavirus spread. MPs, members of the press corps and staff are being given face masks to wear.